11 Inspiring Fairy Gardens

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When I was little, I’d spend entire recesses at school making little furniture for tiny, imaginary beings, only to leave them after 20 minutes and never see them again. Little did I know that grown-ups do this, too, except they call them Fairy Gardens. I’m so totally in. Here’s some fairy garden inspiration for you!

11 Inspiring Fairy Gardens (You know you want to make one!)

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    • Can’t do much about wind, but we have ours in a somewhat sheltered area so it doesn’t get the brunt of bad weather. Still, sometimes it’ll require a bit of putting back together if weather is really rough.

    • I use floral pins to hold lite weight items, but for the most part the rain is good for them (if they have drainage) and since they are low profile the wind doesn’t bother them.

  1. So cute ! Love them all ! I just started one with my grandaughters who are 1 @4 and they love it ! I need to make one of my own .

  2. I would love to have a huge luscious flower garden, but not able to maintain with back issues. The fairy garden (probably one easy to reach as in bird bath) sounds perfect for me. I love ALL of the beautiful ideas and can’t wait to get started!!!

  3. I have a fairy garden I love it Pinterest is awesome they give you such great ideas I love my fairy garden my bird bath and the lady is right about the weather there’s nothing you can do about the weather or the Birds except pick it up and put it back together LOL

  4. How to you keep the items in the Fairy Gardens in place? Do you glue them? I’m trying to figure out how to put one together and keep everything in place. Thank you.

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